Bitcoin Chain ( BITCHAIN )

Smart Payment and NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain.

What is BitcoinChain ?

Bitcoin Chain is a token built under the protocol (Binance Smart Chain).

Why ?

We choose the BSCScan as the start of the Bitcoin Chain (Bitchain).

journey because the BSCScan now is the top 5 biggest capitalization in the world.

Other than that, BSC provides a lower fee compared to the Ethereum Protocol.

How it works?

Buyers and sellers pay a tax (4%), this tax is redistributed to the holders. 2% is shared between all holders and 2% is burned.

This means your BITCHAIN token amount will increase directly in your wallet and the BITCHAIN total supply decreases! There is no need for staking or farming elsewhere since the reward feature happens directly on chain!

A total of 100 Trillion BITCHAIN tokens were created at listing and since then we have burned more than 50 Trillion BITCHAIN and the supply will keep decreasing and be redistributed directly to the wallets of holders.

Bitchain Resources

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Bitcoin Chain Official

Bitcoin Chain Official

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